Send Someone Else, March 6, 2013 Daily Reflection

Yet he insisted, “If you please, Lord, send someone else!”

Exodus 4:13

Moses sees God in the burning bush and God asks Moses to talk to the pharaoh. He tells Moses you will be the one to set my people free. But Moses says “If you please, Lord, send someone else!”

How many times has God called us in our lives and asked something of us? It was not likely that God revealed his face or voice to us. However, in that moment we sensed clarity of what we should do; an act, a gesture or a word that God suggested we share with others.  Instead of following this mission we denied God. We said “Well, that was a crazy idea!” We dismiss it justifying that we cannot do that  because it would be uncomfortable, take too much work, go against the grain of our society and interfere with our lives. We say to God by ignoring Him “Send someone else!”

How many times will we deny God?

We long for goodness, happiness and completion. We try to purchase it daily. When will we learn that what we truly long for only God can provide? We must listen to those thoughts that seem uncomfortable, farfetched and nonsensical. We should listen to them, embrace them, pray about them, and reflect on them.  After this time of discernment we should act on these thoughts.

How many times must we deny God before we are to understand God is the only one who can bring us to the Promised Land? The only way to get there is to say “Here I am God” and follow where he leads.

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