Senior Retreat, September 18, 2018 Daily Reflection

You can’t imagine how much time, preparation, and effort goes into planning a senior retreat. As the Sacred Heart Retreat director, I can tell you months of preparation!

Sacred Heart Archway from original school

I can also tell you I enjoy the preparation. The most challenging part is finding young adults who can lead the retreats. There are so many young women who want to help, but they have to take time away from college, that is difficult. I am so grateful to those who are helping with the retreats.

The best part of the retreat process is the retreat!! I LOVE retreats!!! I enjoy every moment of being with the students. Listening to their stories, witnessing their growth, giving them space to understand how they have come to this point in their lives. Simply, being present to the Holy Spirit and how she moves through their lives is amazing.

I am beyond blessed to have this dream job! I get to talk about my faith, write about my faith, share my faith and live it. Craziest thing is they pay me to do this dream job!! Please keep the students, team, and families in your prayers this week.

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