To be, September 20, 2016 Daily Moment

20160504_191339God’s response to Moses when asked his name was, I am. Apparently, am is a form of the verb to be. God is not just a being among many, a master among masters but the creator of being. God created each of us as human beings. We identify ourselves by the roles we play in our lives; daughter, sister, mom, teacher, writer, speaker, student, pet owner etc. But who we really are is at the core of who God created us to be…simply to be human. How often do we practice simply being human? Can we sit and do nothing…not veg out to TV or music, not get caught up in our thoughts, but simply just exist in the silence of life and just be? I am trying to learn how to do this through mindfulness meditation classes. It is one of the most difficult skills to learn. It goes against the nature of our culture. We are taught to do not to be. I am attempting to simply be in the presence of the God that created being.


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