Being a Mom is limitless September 25, Daily Reflection

Spencer and Jake "the Twins"

Spencer and Jake "the Twins"

First of all I just have to say they are not twins they were born 2 years and 10 days apart.  We call them “the twins” because they look very similiar and are just about the same height.  I look at this picture and just think I am so over the top in love with those boys.  They are 2 of the 4 children that complete who I am as a mom, who I am as a person, just who I am. 

 A mom told me recently that she did not want to be defined by being a mom, she wanted more.  I believe being a mom is limitless.  You can let it define your life if you box yourself into the limitations you perceive that it may have.  However, if you think beyond you will learn that being ” just a mom” is so much more. 

 I often think to myself how do people get married and not have children?  I am so far at the other end of the spectrum that it is difficult for me to understand that concept of living without children.  Not everyone should have children and God has called each of us to different vocations in our lives, some are to be single others married without children and then there are us moms.  I guess through my experience of being a mom I see all the growth that a mom gains, the need for patience, empathy, sympathy, compassion, understanding,  listening and a completely selfless love. A selfless love  for another human being for at least 18 years of  our lives of course for most of us it is until the moment we draw our final breath.  I am not proposing that each of us moms actually perfect any of those wonderful characterisitics.  However we learn through this experience that they are needed and the more we exhibit each quality the more our children grow into responsible and loving individuals.  It’s almost as though parenting is a life long lesson of maturing as a person.

I think that is what God wants for each of us whether we are moms, dads, single people, priests, spouses etc.  God wants us to mature as people.  To learn empathy, sympathy, compassion, understanding, patience, tenderness and a completely selfless love for all those who surround us on a daily basis. 

God gave to us Jesus who is the example that exemplifies selfless love so that we as human beings can grasp that concept.  That it is possible to, as a human, live that way.  Hopefully each one of us is trying, and failing because of our humanity, to mature into a  person who will one day be complete in loving others selflessly. 

Today as a mom look at a picture of your children and  feel that type of love it is untainted, pure, innocent selfless love just like the love that God gives us every moment of everyday!

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