Serenity, October 14 Daily Reflection


A sense of peace, a deep breath, a sigh of relief, an escape from the clutter, the bricks, the buildings, the busy streets, the cell phones, the noise pollution and the constant stimulation of modern life that is what this picture brings to life.

Standing there in that field, on that warm October afternoon with no time frame, no place to be, no place to go, being in that moment brought a freedom that cannot be purchased with manmade devices. The sounds of crickets, the flight of the hawks above, the smell of autumn gave reality to this serene scene. Breathing in I closed my eyes and felt the heat of the sun upon my eyelids and opening them I could witness the tiny and almost transparent seeds floating above the wooden fence line. Wanting to stop time and hold it there I took this picture so that I might return in my lifetime to that place of peace in my mind once more. So I share it with you that you may find that peace, those sounds, that serenity until you have the opportunity to find this place in your life one day soon.


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