Set it free, September 7 Daily Reflection

Statue setting a bird free

His eyes are worn, his face weathered, his arms extended and his hands are open setting free the bird, yet the bird remains forever wings set for flight as only a statue could. He stands as a symbol to all who gaze upon him as the person who set something free into the world able to let go.

 We find ourselves bound and shackled by the things of this world. Can we let anything go? Can we extend our arms, open our hands and just let go? Where would that leave us in this life? If we let go of all that ties us to this world?

 Free to feel the unbelievable lightness and simplicity of His love. When all things are gone then only people remain. In the depths of each person’s soul a boundless love dwells waiting for the open hands to set it free, free from the expectations of this life, free to love simply, free to give smiles, free to offer kindness, free to think of others instead of self, free to be what God intended humans to be like – Him. Free to love unconditionally each and every person like He loves us.

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