The Seven Deadly Sins, September 15, 2016 Daily Reflection



The seven deadly sins are sloth, envy, lust, gluttony, anger, greed, and pride. I have been reviewing these sins with my students. It seems that our culture encourages most of these sins today. We are driven by our society to make loads of money and constantly purchase and consume more than we need, and when we feel that tinge of envy, we should just buy more. We are encouraged to think that we are the best and all others pale in comparison to our greatness. We are influenced to live an extreme life of power, possessions, and wealth.

What do you think all of these sins have in common? My students were able to answer the question. They are all about self. The more we think about self, the less we consider others, the less we consider others the more we become obsessed with all about our needs, wants, and desires. As Father Robert Barron is fond of saying, “sin is when we turn in on ourselves.” Hell is the void of the love of God. The love of God is about relationship and connection to others. Hell must be lonely, disconnected from others, and obsessed with self.

So, I asked my students, “What can we do to avoid these sins?” Learn self-control, monitor what we allow to influence our vision, mind, and attitudes. Attempt to move closer to God by saying no to sins. Stop thinking about self and start thinking about others. Learn how to be grateful and content with our lives. Truly love – willing the good of the others.

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