The Shack, April 4, 2017 Daily Reflection

Last night I saw the Shack with my dad and two of my close friends. Each of us had read the book before viewing the movie. I believe it is a must to read the book first. The movie is very true to the book. It was amazing. Bringing tissues is a must.

It is a spiritual journey, awakening, and transformation for the main character, Mack. The movie is a complete drama. There are issues that are intense, child abuse, abduction and murder. It is all done in a manner that is not graphic. However, the themes of the movie are too intense for a young audience.

I feel the need to read the book again because there are so many lines that are notable. The ideas are rich and full of scripture references. I have never seen a Christian movie produced and directed so flawlessly. This is the first Christian movie that I have watched take on the Holy Trinity. It was amazing and worth seeing on the big screen. The music, cinematography, acting, and script were all powerful. This is a must see movie after you read the book.

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