Share your experiences, Saturday Tidbit September 12

The other evening we went for Anna’s first ever Cross Country Race.  How exciting.  Anna was nervous, excited and a little bit anxious.  Do you remember that feeling before a sporting event?  When you were a kid and had never played the real “game” the first time you set foot on that field and there were parents watching and another team to play against.  What a feeling that was to experience.  

 As parents we get to use our experience to settle our children’s nerves.  I just said to Anna “Embrace this moment; it is so real and awesome.”  Just like this summer when she went on her 1st roller coaster ride on the big wooden coaster.  Going up the huge first hill I said to her “I know that you will be so scared you literally will think you are going to die, but I assure you, you will not die!  So embrace and enjoy the thrill of that fear and you will love it.  Scream like you have never screamed before.”  She loved it; she rode it 4 times that day.

As moms we are blessed to be able to pass on the benefit of our experiences to our children.  This weekend no doubt someone in your family has a game, your child a niece, nephew or cousin. When you see that child before the game pass on your wisdom by patting him/her on the back and give a few encouraging words.  While you are watching the game give lots of encouragement.  After the game make sure to tell him/her what a good game he/she played.  Those few words from you will form experiences they will share with their own children in the future.  Enjoy today and share a little of your experience with a child.

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