She thinks, November 10, 2011 Daily Reflection


She thinks to herself “How much more can I love you? How can I sacrifice my soul to be a part of you? What must I do to show you my love, commitment, respect and obedience?” She stands solemn for all the world to see yet no one looks upon her rusted aged exterior. No one hears her thoughts. They look past the angst in her eyes and the pain in her soul. Yet, she is not there to be pitied but looked upon as a symbol of faith, love and gentle kindness. She has no way of knowing that she is surrounded by God’s amazing light, so bright that no other light can shine. She stands concerned that her love is not great enough and God bathes her in His eternal light.

She is only stone, particulars of this earth, designed by a human hand and manufactured for profit. She is overlooked by most but she stands as a pillar for those who look at her expression and into her eyes. One can see the love of God she has if they desire that love as well. She is the reflection of the one who looks upon her. My God how can I love you more? Show me the way? Slow me down oh, God and guide my soul to your goodness that my words may flow from your inspiration; may my thoughts delight you and my actions bring others closer to you.  May I see the light soaking the world around me in your radiance. May I see your love in my children’s eyes, in my husband’s hugs, in the words of my friends, in the actions of humanity. May I give all that I have to give to please you God so that you may know my love for you is true and good even though I am human and fail to honor you when I lose my temper, say that negative comment and act so selfishly. May you always take me back, love me into goodness and guide my life. How much more can I love you my God? Show me the way…

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