Silence, September 8, 2016 Daily Reflection

20160420_173346Talking is over rated sometimes. There is a time to talk and share one’s feelings and express one’s thoughts and there is a time to sit in the silence of a moment and let that silence be enough. The problem lies between the those two choices. Our minds compel us to impulsively say what is there but if we could think through those thoughts first there would be more contemplation and more silence, leading to less confusion, and regret. How do we discipline our minds and our tongues? How do we find that type of self-control?

I went to an introduction class to mindful meditation. I was told about skills that can teach us to become aware of our thoughts, and the present moment. I am very excited to enter into coursework on mindfulness and be trained in a different type of meditation! I pray that this discipline, although I think it will take years to master, will someday lead to more self-control, less impulsive speech, and a deeper contemplation in my life.

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