Simply Sitting, February 27, 2013 Daily Reflection

My view from my comfy seat

I am simply sitting in a recliner with nowhere to go and nothing to do except to relax. It is pure leisure to me.

The recliner is comfy. I am watching the cotton clouds float by against the powder blue sky through the windows above me.  I am listening to the crackling of the fire in the fireplace. I am letting my body relax, my muscles loosen, and my jaw untighten. I can feel my breath slow and my brows unforrow. I am drowsy and I don’t have to fight closing my eyes. I am at peace in this very moment in this recliner at my Aunt Mary K’s house. I can be quiet, lazy and motionless. There is no laundry here to do, the children’s homework is complete, and dinner is already in the oven. I am listening to my children take their piano lessons. I am at peace here in this moment.

We should all find moments like this one. We all need peace and a time to just sit and simply be.

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