Sleep Overs, Saturday August 29 Tidbit

Hannah & Anna BFF's

Hannah & Anna BFF's

Do you remember when you were a kid and you loved to spend the night at your  A+, #1, bestest friend in the world’s house?  Do you remember the feeling of anticipation you had as you packed your bag or stuffed your clothes for the next day in your pillowcase ready for an adventure.  Ready to go into uncharted territory with a different Mom and other siblings.  That feeling that it was going to be a good time!  My daughter loves to have sleep overs with her BFF’S (best friends forever).  

It’s a little different in today’s world. Can you trust the parents? Do they have a gun in the house?  Is it a smoke-free and safe environment? 

If you are uncomfortable asking these questions then let that child spend the night at your house instead.  Then when the parent picks up the child you can get to know them a little and maybe find out some of the answers more subtly. Although it’s not the same as sleeping over some where else at least your child gets to have a sleep over.  Let the kids sleep in a different place in the house than normal, let them stay up late and have special treats or watch a  movie.  You can still give your child the fun that you remember and not be worried all night long! Whether they have a sleep over somewhere else or at home it is a childhood memory that will last a lifetime.

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