Sleeping Angels, February 6 Saturday Tidbit

Sleeping Angel Gen Painted for me

If angels sleep and their job is to protect, guide and care for humans here on earth for God, then Moms should be able to rest as well. Moms are here on earth to protect, guide and care for our children. We moms neglect so many parts of our lives in honor of giving every ounce of our beings to our children. As infants we don’t have a choice to sleep during the night. However, during the day when they take naps we should nap! Things need to be completed all over the house but sleep and rest is more important than a clean house. Resting and sleeping renews, revives and helps moms to protect, guide and care for our little ones to the best of our abilities. If angels can sleep then so can moms because moms are angels here on earth!

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