Slip N Slide, June 26 Saturday Tidbit

Spencer on the slip N slide

  Does that picture bring back memories? If you are 30 something or younger it should. On a hot summer day with no pool plans in sight there was nothing better than a slip n slide! We would get out the garden hose, put on our swimsuits and dive across any type of long piece of wet plastic and start sliding, ahh the memories of summertime. I found this slip n slide for $5 at a dollar store, my kids had more than $5 worth of fun with it that afternoon!

 How will you spend this hot summer day with your children? Just give it a thought it’s cheap, it’s fun, but just remember as an adult it will tear up your lawn so move it around throughout the day. Have fun slip n slide your day away. Your kids will think it is the best invention ever!

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