Snow Day! December 14 Daily Reflection

Snow Day

Yep, school was called off and the kids slept in, pancakes and waffles were made from scratch and 4 little bodies were bundled up running and sliding out the door to the little hill behind our house.  It was a snow day. Spencer buried his face in the ground and ate the snow as Jake fell backwards sweeping his arms into the remnants of a snow angel. Ethan and Anna were the dare devils sledding; backwards, forwards and standing up. When they were frozen one by one the pile of coats, boots, hats, gloves and traces of cold snow lined my foyer, as though forming a path to the hot chocolate waiting for them at the kitchen table with the marshmallows floating on top. As soon as they could feel their fingertips again they were back out that door.

Remember that time when we were children and we could hear the crackle of the radio and the announcer listing all the school closings. Remember when you heard your school’s name it was if you had a shot of Christmas morning, just pure joy! Remember going down the street and knocking on your best friends door anticipating what that untouched snow held for you that day? Where did those days go?

Thank God I can relive them by watching the joyful excitement on my children’s faces, hearing their shrieks of thrill standing up on a sled going down a hill. I get to help with the boots and kneel in the cold snow as it falls from their soaked snow pants and warm hats. I don’t care about the extra laundry and the mess it makes I love to watch my kids enjoy their SNOW DAY just as I did when I was a little girl.

Snow Day

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