Social Media & Meaning, June 9, 2015 Daily Reflection

My Face Book Page

My Face Book Page

As a culture do we try to find meaning in things, situations or incidents? Or do we play a passive role just observing what is happening, not questioning much?

In the Master’s program for Religious Education I am taking classes that help me to dig deeper to find the meaning behind the religion. To dig deep into the historical context of the time of Jesus Christ, to explore the Jewish culture that was prevalent. I try to find the meaning in the words of scripture, in the reasons for the changes within the Catholic Church. One of the most critical components of my time as a student is to delve deeper into every thing I believe exploring the foundation, ideas, people, history, time, scriptures and religion. It is in this scholarly mindset that I read the course materials, answer the questions, discuss with my classmates, research, and write my papers. Then I go to Face Book and I am passive. I read the news feed, the updates, the posts and I no longer search for meaning. I guess it is my place to zone out after thinking so hard!

Have we become a culture that no longer searches for meaning and spends hours on social media eating up sound bites, videos, and posts. Do we just use it as a tool to zone out with after we have worked too hard all day long, replacing the purpose the TV once had? What do you think?

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