Sometimes it’s Too Much to Take, December 4, 2015 Daily Reflection

My Facebook feed

My Facebook feed

Sometimes it’s all just too much to take. There is so much anger, hatred, terror, death, and fear in our world. There are wars, hate crimes, terrorism, and mass shootings. It feels as though our world is going to hell especially when we turn on our 24 hour news channels that never stop reporting the most horrific situations possible and bring us more fear, so that we feel dependent upon the media for our safety. It’s almost like propaganda. No, I do not think the media is part of a conspiracy to keep the American people living in fear. However, I do believe that the media sensationalizes and exploits every situation possible for ratings, not out of the goodness of their hearts. Often times the media will try to scoop another network by getting the inside coverage, the most gruesome pictures, or most unbearable interviews, the one’s that peak our morbid curiosity.

Yes, our media also wants to bring us the news to keep us safe, informed, and tuned in to that channel. No doubt there is bad news but must it be covered for 5 hours straight? If the situation like what happened in CA was happening in my hometown I would expect nonstop coverage but when it is occurring on the other side of the United States does it really need to be covered for 5 hours on a local station? Do we need to hear reporters report the same news with nothing new for 5 hours? Or are they staying on the air so they can film the latest breaking situation?

Then I click on my Facebook news feed, it’s worse than the media. People are berating others for praying, others are profiling or being blatantly prejudice, feeding our ignorance and fear. As I scroll down I find pictures of the elf on the shelf and people preparing their homes for Christmas, silly dog pictures, and parents posting the first steps of their babies. You see life moves on and it is not all about the violence, death, terror, and hatred, there is more of a balance in our normal lives. Yes, there is bad in the world and we need to be aware of it, we need to pray, take action, and do our part to stop the evil in the world. However, if we become obsessed with it and forget the goodness in the world how we will ever lead the life God intends for us to lead. We must also be aware of the kindness in the little acts of forgiveness, the love, and the mercy. We must celebrate the joys of life so that the fear doesn’t take our lives. It is all a balance.

When it feels like it is all too much to take keep scrolling down for the funny pictures, or better yet turn off the computer, or TV, and call a friend, hang out with a family member, or visit a loved one. Don’t let the fear take over your life or the enemy really will win.

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