Soup Kitchen, November 22, 2011 Daily Reflection

Good Men

This is the kitchen of a soup kitchen, a local Catholic Charity that gives a hot meal and warm, safe place to eat for those in need. Recently I had the honor of taking a few students to serve at this soup kitchen. The kids were excellent they served the food with a smile on their face, using their manners; they were on their best behavior. I was needed in the kitchen to help with cleaning the trays. The two men who volunteered on this particular day were jovial. I spent almost the entire time with a smile on my face and listening to their laughter and hilarious banter. They obviously have been volunteering together for years. They take the trays from those who have eaten here and wash and clean them. They say sincerely “Have a good one.” It was truly a joy to work with them. They had the best attitude about service and working together.

The service could have been dramatic watching those less fortunate than I eat there in front of me but God wanted me in the kitchen to see the joy of service. Those men worked with their hearts, laughter and love of God. I thank God that He gave me the opportunity to watch such men have such grace with those in need.

We should all serve with a happy and joyful heart. God has blessed us with so many blessings be grateful this day and give the praise and glory to God by giving others your service, kindness, smile and laughter.

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