My Spencer, May 25, 2017 Daily Reflection

Family at Spencer’s Graduation

Yesterday evening my son, Spencer, graduated from the 8th grade. We had a celebration for both my boys on Sunday. Ethan graduated from high school Sunday. I wasn’t expecting to be moved by Spencer’s graduation. Perhaps, because May has been insane and I have not had time to process the idea of Spencer no longer being in grade school. Maybe, because work has been crazy, and we have been going 100mph non stop. During the graduation ceremony the students bring a rose to their moms. When Spencer reached me the tears began to fall. Maybe, it was the song, or the look on his face as he approached me. Maybe, it was because I noticed how tall he is and how he holds himself as a young man. Maybe, it’s because I am not ready to let go of my little Spencer yet. Luckily, God allows people to grow in stages, over the course of time and as they age the rest of us can adapt to the changes.

Congratulations, Spencer you had a great 9 years at St. Bernard. I can’t wait to see how you get involved at St. X.

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