Spencer’s Birthday, March 3 Daily Reflection

My Spencer

I am just so in love with this boy! My boy Spencer was born to me on 03/03/03 at 4:34 am. Only myself, my husband and my mom were at the hospital. He was the third child born in the middle of the night, it somewhat defines him. He is laid back and doesn’t want to be the center of attention but everyone loves to be around him. He is precious to me with his quiet voice, partially because his other brothers and sister are vying for attention. He doesn’t mind waiting his turn and just listening to the others. His humor is subtle, his words are wise for his age. He was so content as a baby that my husband said yes to having 4. He is smart, we think he swallowed a calculator, fast and loves to read long books. There is just something about him! I think God put his soul so close to the surface of Spencer’s little body that you can’t help but love him. He is my Spencer and I adore him.

Happy Birthday Spencer!

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