Spencer’s Confirmation, May 13, 2016 Daily Reflection

Spencer's Confirmation

Spencer’s Confirmation

“Come Holy Spirit take hold of my life” was playing, I could smell the chrism on his forehead, as I held back the tears last night. Spencer was confirmed last night in a white gown in the same church where he was baptized. This time it was his yes, it was his “I do” stated to the renewal of his baptismal vows. I held him in a white gown 13 years ago and made those vows as his mom to raise him in the faith. Now he is saying yes to the faith. It was difficult to hold the tears back.

All the students were able to make one statement about the journey of their preparation for Confirmation. His statement was “I understand that I am Never Alone.” I read it and told him I thought he already knew that. He said, “I have always known that but now I understand it.” He was very excited to be confirmed and to wear the Thomas medal he received from Oma and Opa. He had it blessed by Father Bob. Confirmation is an independent step in his faith journey. I am so pleased that he made this choice. My Holy Cross students think I am lying when I tell them that my children never have complained about going to church. I try to explain it’s because Church is a part of their identity. They don’t miss Mass, we go as a family, we make faith a significant part of our lives. Why wouldn’t he want to continue this journey to get closer to God by going to Church and being ┬áconfirmed.

I am a proud mom and so happy in my heart that he wants to continue on this journey.

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