Spiritual Direction, May 9, 2017 Daily Reflection

I am so excited!! I was accepted into the spiritual direction internship to become a spiritual director. It was a very complicated process to get into the program. I had to have 5 years of ministry, 3 letters of recommendation, a 5 page essay of my spiritual journey, a completed application, being active in spiritual direction, a master’s degree in theology and a statement of purpose. Once the application was accepted I was granted an interview. I thought for sure I would not be accepted. Yesterday, I received my acceptance letter!!! It is a nine month program, the group will meet once a week, read several books, and attend three retreats, and much more. One of my best friends got in the program also!!

I love starting new journeys in my spiritual life. This journey will lead to an ability to reflect God’s presence in the lives of others. I hope to be the spiritual director at my school and see people on the side. There is nothing like the feeling of being accepted when you feel like God led you to it. God, knows I have had more than enough rejections of book proposals. I think God wants me to do this and I really want to as well!

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