Spiritual Journey, September 6, 2018 Daily Reflection

Path in the woods

I have been on a spiritual journey since my conception, and birth into this world. My parents modeled the faith for me by being the first teachers of faith and love. I grew up with a sense of the divine in my presence. My religious education from Baptist to Catholic taught me different ways to pray. My faith formation continued through meeting and loving people inside and especially outside of my religion. My thirst for knowledge, and understanding led me to an education of pastoral ministry. My desire to deepen my faith led me to a spiritual direction internship. Now, I am a retreat director, spiritual director, and in formation experiencing the Ursuline traditions. Deep within my soul I have always desired to be with the divine and bring the divine into all that I am and all that I do. My spiritual journey will go on beyond my life and into my eternal life. It has been an amazing journey thus far, I am blessed to be able to recognize it’s beauty.

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