Spreading Christmas Cheer, December 15, 2011 Daily Reflection

Anna writing a Christmas Card

“I’ll be home for Christmas if only in my dreams” – this phrase comes to mind when I think about the men and women of the military overseas and away from home at Christmas time. I can’t imagine being away from my family at Christmas Christmas is all about family coming together to celebrate the love and joy of Christ.

This year the 5th graders from my children’s grade school hand wrote over 100 cards that were sent to men and women overseas serving our nation. The front of the envelope read: To a hero. A person who sacrifices their lives for the good of others is definitely a hero.

This Christmas think about doing something with your family to help others. Our family loves to shop for Christmas Angels each year. It is a great way for my children to think about the needs of others their own age. Christmas time can be a time for kids to get wrapped up in their own wants. Participating in some type of service together helps them to understand it’s not all about me. It is about sharing your love and time with others.  There are so many options to help others especially at Christmas time.  Here are a list of just a few:

  • Take an angel this year and let your children help you shop
  • Write a Christmas card for a military person
  • Write Christmas Cards or draw pictures for a local nursing home and then deliver them with your children.
  • Let your children drop some change in a Salvation Army kettle and explain who it will help.
  • Buy a toy with your child just for Toys For Tots and have your child take it with you to donate it.
  • Bake Christmas Cookies and together deliver them to your neighbors.
  • Pray together for those who cannot be with their families at Christmas time.

There are so many different ways to spread Christmas Cheer. I encourage you as parents to set the example for your children of giving. Our children learn from what they witness. On Christmas day God gave us the gift of making himself flesh and in the still of the night coming into our world; our lives and our hearts. We were given the ultimate gift of unconditional love. Let us as parents lead our families by example and show our children the gift of unconditional love not only for our loved ones but for those in our community and world who are in need of that same love from us.

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