Spreading the Message, January 4, 2012 Daily Reflection

Spencer spreading a message...

Faith Filled Mom; what exactly does that title imply? Well, back 2.5 years ago when I decided to write a blog my husband and I brainstormed a name for it. I wanted to call it “Just a Mom” but that title was already taken. We came up with lots of mom titles and he said Faith Filled Mom. At the time I said “I don’t know that may be too…you know religious…or churchy…just not sure.” I had my brother, my webmaster, check for the title and there was none like it at the time which sealed the fate of Faith Filled Mom.

So what exactly does Faith Filled Mom mean now? Well, it doesn’t mean that I am the Church Lady, from Saturday Night Live. It doesn’t mean that I have a tremendous knowledge of the Catholic Church. It doesn’t mean that I am a perfect mom or a perfect follower of my religion. It doesn’t mean I have all the answers and do the right thing all of the time. It does mean that I am full of faith. It does mean that I try my best to follow the path I believe God has laid out for me. It does mean that I spread the message I feel in my heart from God to others. It does mean that I break the barriers between different religions. I believe that it is not about one religion but it is about one God.

My mission as a Faith Filled Mom has developed over the years. At this point my mission is to move people closer to God one word, one idea, one reflection, one motivational talk, and one retreat at a time. I am spreading the message that God has set on fire in my heart. I pray that it will continually burn so that I can write and speak the words to inspire others.

On my birthday I was given a rare opportunity to spread the message of a Faith Filled Mom. I was asked by Mary Moran of SanDiego Catholic Radio to do a LIVE radio interview about our retreat Gifts! Gifts! Gifts! – Unwrapping the gift of Christmas. Mary found me on Face book and interviewed me on her radio show. I was so excited and nervous to be able to spread the message through a totally different venue. If you click on this link it will take you directly to the interview https://faithfilledmom.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/SanDiegoRadio.mp3. God leads me and I falter, fall, fail and get up again and again to spread His message. I pray He always inspires me to move people closer to Him.

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