Spring Break, April 1, 2016 Daily Reflection

The Beach

The Beach

Lots of students will be leaving school this afternoon and headed towards a beach for spring break. If they are going with their parents I think it is safe. However, the majority of seniors in high school typically go completely unsupervised. THIS IS SO DANGEROUS!!! It upsets me to think about the students I care so much about on the beaches making horribly immoral choices. Many of whom will be intoxicated and not even realize half of the choices they will make or that they could have long term consequences.

The students who are unsupervised are usually 17-18 years old but that doesn’t mean they are mature enough to make good choices. One only has to Youtube Spring Break to get a glimpse of the choices made in a drunken state. It also upsets me to hear about how many parents are hosting parties filled with beer and other adult beverages for their teens. These parents think it is the best way for the teens to drink “responsibly”. A TEEN CANNOT DRINK RESPONSIBLY!! THEY CAN ONLY DRINK ILLEGALLY!!! As parents we are setting examples for our children and teens. It is time for parents to be the parent and tell their teens what is right and wrong, illegal, and immoral and to put their foot down!

No parent wants to see their teen hurt, emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually. So, don’t let your teen be put in a position where this is bound to occur. The principal of Mercy sent home a letter today about Spring Break. She remarked that the sexual predators know where the young teen girls will be this week.

There are other memorable spring break vacations. I spoke to one of my seniors who is going on a mission trip to help rebuild houses for the poor and vulnerable. Your teens could have a staycation and take lots of day trips. Don’t give in just because so many other parents are doing it. If you do then how can you set the example of how important it is to not give in to peer pressure? Senior spring break does not have to be about a beach, drinking, sex, and going wild. It can be fun without all that but as parents we have to make that happen. It is our responsibility to do what is best for our teen.

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