Spring House, April 3, 2012 Daily Reflection

Spring House at Black Acres

It is a spring house that was built stone upon stone from the stones upon the land over 200 years ago. The family used it for refrigeration. There is a natural cold water spring on the land and that is why the family had a spring house built. The spring has never stopped flowing. Upon entering the small structure one could feel the cool air, the water was cold to touch but in no area was it deeper than 5 inches yet it never stops flowing, a steady stream, really a trickle rather than a stream. But without doubt one can guarantee it will always continue to flow.

That steady, cold, life giving trickle is like the presence of God. He doesn’t have to make a big fuss, he already made an ocean.  But you can rely on God He will never stop providing for you even when it seems that all that He provides is but a trickle in your mind the flow never stops. God is steady and life giving.

The family of this land decided to utilize the fresh spring and preserve it with a building. What do we do to preserve the presence of God in our life? Do we have a sacred place carved out from the stone of our lands to remind us of His presence? Or do we simply splash through the puddles of His presence to get to something “better”?

God does provide. God gives life. God is steady and omnipresent. The question is do we take the time to feel His presence, thank Him for His provisions or give Him the respect of our time and lives? This little spring was so important that many men took months to construct this building to preserve it.  How much time do you give to preserve God in your life, only minutes a day or months and years of your life? What do you do to preserve your relationship with God in your life?

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