Stand Tall February 4 Daily Reflection


In silence they stand tall, enduring the bone chilling cold of the winter and the blood boiling heat of the summer and they do not wavier. They stay green and together for years upon years their roots span beneath the earth taking hold of the soil and stabilizing their foundation for a lifetime. They are steady, green and enduring.

Can we say the same about our own lives? How steady are we when the arctic blasts freeze our bodies, how tall do we stand when the heat of the summer beats down upon us? How deep are our roots? Have our values been dug into the rich soils helping us to grow as people? Do we give color to the landscape and the lives of others?

Heed the lessons of the evergreens; stand tall together, dig deep into your values and find the strength to help you grow, do not waiver from what is pure and good and be the color of new life to others.


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