Star Wars Review, December 31, 2015 Daily Reflection

Star Wars

Star Wars

My family and I watched the new Star Wars movie – The Force Awakens. It was excellent! I enjoyed the comedy throughout the movie although my daughter did not, she thought it took away from the seriousness of the plot.

Having recently watched the original three Star Wars movies it was easy to catch all of the underlying references to the past movies. The new characters were excellent! It was intriguing to meet a character that was originally a storm trooper that had a conscience. In the other movies they were almost like machines.

It is always compelling to watch the good versus the bad and the light versus the dark side.  These movies perpetuate the idea of free will. That we are not predestined to be good or bad but that we make the choice with our free will and actions daily throughout our lifetime.

This movie was my favorite of all the Star Wars movies. It is definitely a family movie with only one or two bad words, and quite a few violent scenes but not gruesome.  If I was going to give it stars it would be a 4 star movie rating from me.

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