Start Now, March 19, 2015 Daily Reflection

Holy Cross SymbolLast night I had teacher, parent conferences at Holy Cross. Two weeks ago I was the parent at a teacher, parent conference for my son at his high school. It is much different being the teacher. As a parent and a teacher I am much more sympathetic to the frustration and concern of the parents. My expectations of my students is not unattainable, because I am aware of how teens work. I felt as though I was giving private motivational speeches to the parents as well as my students during the conferences. One of my main points was don’t let the past grades pull you down. Start from this point and achieve. Come to me if you need help but believe you can do this. I ended with many parents reassuring them that their son can do this. I also told many parents that I would add them to my prayer list. Everyone was appreciative of that.

It’s difficult to start anything over in life. What we need to do is take the lessons we have learned from our mistakes and grow from them but not let them intimidate us and drag us down. We need to start fresh from where we are with a new energy and desire to achieve. We can achieve with the support of God, our family and our friends. Start from where you are and believe you can make it happen and you can do it!

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