Stay Calm, June 19, 2014 Daily Reflection

Kentucky Kingdom

Kentucky Kingdom

It is amazing how much you witness in a water park. Communication styles are all over the place from moms screaming and cussing at their young children, to new moms cuddling their babies to impatient angry people with teens who should not be in charge of them, to moms who are funny and kind hearted.

It breaks my heart when I see a child being screamed and cursed at in public. I just think if this is how they are treated in public how bad is it behind closed doors? 
This year I was trying to teach my students a Major life lesson; always stay calm, when you lose your cool and scream; you become irrational and lose all credibility. In my opinion the best discipline is not fear, disrespect, degradation or screaming. Every child or teenager is a person and they deserve respect. As parents when we scream and lose control we become irrational and lose credibility. Remain calm! Remain calm and reasonably punish your children in a respectful manner. You are the parent not the child. Stay in control of yourself and the situation at hand. 

As parents we set the example for our children. What example are you setting for your children with the way you discipline them?

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