Steeping the tea January 27, 2012 Daily Reflection

Steeping the teabag

“Daddy can we steep the teabag for your tea?” The kids ask after dinner each evening. They love to dip it in the hot water and watch the color change. They are fascinated by it. The tea stays in the bag but steeping it allows the flavor to soak into the water.

We are supposed to be like that teabag with one exception we should never be thrown away. The flavor and colors we are to steep into others lives are the feelings of joy, goodness and love. When we give these parts of ourselves away we have not been used up. Instead it gives us more to give away. Have you ever noticed when you help others you feel somewhat energized and ready to do more good? God made us so that when we serve, give and love we have more energy, goodness and love to give away. But when we hoard these precious gifts we feel lonely, unfulfilled and incomplete.

Today, steep your goodness, service and love into the lives of others around you and watch the colors of their lives change. It is fascinating to watch.


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