Steps of a Teen, October 24, 2014 Daily Reflection


My students are in constant motion; between school work, sports, friends and jobs. Their steps are continuous. However, on the weekends I think their steps are going in different directions. I wonder how often they are going towards what is healthy, good and selfless or going towards what we would label as instant gratification?

As teenagers, they think they are invincible. It’s not a unique thought process at this age; I thought the same way. As teenagers we took too many chances, and rode the line too often. If we think back to some of the choices we made back then it is truly a miracle that we made it to now. So, what can we do as teachers and people who want to help them make good decisions and walk towards goodness?

We can pray for them, set good examples and pat them on their backs when they do make good choices. As a teacher I often say, “Have a great weekend and make good choices!” I always pray for them to walk that Kingdom driven path towards God each day. Please take a moment to say a prayer for our teens and as an influence in their lives let them know you care and try to set a healthy example with your own choices.

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