Stillness, May 13, 2013 Daily Reflection

Hidden beauty

Tiny, dainty and hiding; these little flowers are often crushed beneath our shoes with no notice at all. We walk over  and drive by the beauty constantly without even noticing it is present. We are focused on one thing or in the modern woman’s case on fifteen things at one time. We are on a mission to get home, to get our children ready, and to get to practice, school, work, meetings, lunch or dinner. We are so focused that we miss the flowers, the hidden beauty and the peaceful need for stillness in our lives. We are just too busy.

Today, as you rush your children to school and you to work take a deep breath and a moment to stop. Be still and say a quiet prayer to God to give you the ability to slow down and discover the beauty that surrounds you; under your feet, in the sky, in your children and through the people you will encounter this day.

Be still and you will not miss the beauty in your life.

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