Storms, September 11, 2014 Daily Reflection

StormWe all go through strife and storms in life. It’s part of the human existence. What matters most is how we handle the storm. During the storm do we panic, blame others, take cover or run screaming?

It all depends on our perspective at the time of the storm. If we have been so rocked by the waves of life and not yet recovered we will probably retreat and take cover. If we fail to take responsibility for our part in the storm we will blame others. But if we have a solid faith foundation, trust in God and family and friends to cling to we will make it through trusting that God will be there regardless of the depth of the storm. During the storms of our lives it is difficult to recognize Christ through the down pour. That is why it is so important to build a foundation of faith and trust before the storm hits. Sometimes the storms are what feeds our faith the most in life. Pray daily to strengthen that relationship, hope often for God knows your hearts, believe all the way to the core of your soul and you will feel God’s comfort during the storm. Prepare this day for there are always storms in the future.

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