Story from my childhood, May 1, 2018 Daily Reflection

Mother and Child

I remember laying on my back in the spring grass of my backyard. I breathed in the fresh air and sighed. “Hey, God how ya doing today? Thanks, for the day!” I sat up and began to sing my made up song, “I love you God and love this day. I love the grass and my favorite climbing tree!” I began to dance in circles around the yard. Suddenly, I felt the effects of the peanut butter honey and banana sandwich, I had eaten only minutes ago on the nearby swing. I could taste the honey. So, I stopped twirling, centered myself and decided to pick some wild violets. I attempted to smell them and remembered what my grandma had said only days ago about how to pick a flower. I had brought her a fistful of yellow buttercups. I was excited to give them to her. She took them from me and in a disapproving tone said, “Don’t you know how to pick flowers? You did this wrong. Pinch them off from the top. Don’t pull them up by their roots!” The sting of her comment haunted my good thoughts and I had to fight to stop the tears. I dropped the violets to rid me of the pain and ran to the chain linked fence that bordered my backyard. The chain links felt almost cold. I ran along the fence line hand extended, fingers brushing across its bumps. When I heard my mommy call me from the house, “Lori Lynn, where is my little girl? Lori Lynn, my little snickerdoodle come in!” Happily, I followed the welcoming, sweet sound of her voice. I made my way back to my big stone house, somewhat out of breath, ready to be swept up in her hug. I climbed the wooden steps of the deck and with relief saw her standing with a smile stretched across her face holding open the sliding glass door. She hugged me and all was right with my world.

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