Storytellers, November 3, 2016 Daily Reflection

Copyright 2016 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp Courier Journal Storytelling Project

Copyright 2016 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp Courier Journal Storytelling Project

Storytelling elicits smiles, laughter, and a warm feeling of home from the core of my being. As a teenager I attended many of the Corn Island Storytelling events at Tom Sawyer park. I sat in wide eyed wonderment as the story tellers would illustrate their stories with words, actions, and constant body language. The storytellers would weave their webs taking me to different times, and distant places. I treasured listening to a good story. I have not been able to find any Corn Island Storytelling Festivals for years. I really want to take my children to such an event.

Recently, I read about a storytelling project that the Courier Journal has put together locally. The first time I saw this opportunity in the newspaper I waited a day and tried to purchase tickets, they were sold out. About a month ago I saw another opportunity. I ordered the tickets immediately. It sold out but I was able to purchase two tickets. Last night my husband and I attended the event. The theme was the stories of local entrepreneurs. Again I sat spellbound! I listened to bizarre stories about goatskin bags, and personal accidents. I was inspired by stories of using one’s career to bring oppressed people a new life. I laughed with some who told about awkward situations and almost cried when I was told about how many people fought and beat cancer.

There is nothing like a good story. The oral tradition is a part of our history as human beings. Not only am I intrigued by storytellers I also strive to be an effective storyteller. It is part of our human nature to tell the stories. Recently, a little girl said, “the Bible is the greatest love story between God and his people.” Without the stories we would not understand life and humanity. We need to be good listeners and excellent storytellers and keep this tradition alive. It’s part of who we are. Tell your stories to your children and carry on the tradition for future generations.

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