Success is found in balance, September 19, 2012 Daily Reflection

3 of my kids after a cross country race

Success is found in balance.

My children and I have been running and conditioning our bodies for cross country races 3 days/week for 10 weeks. We have been preparing our bodies for the races. My children have been victorious.

Victory seldom is won by the fastest person if that person has not practiced. Failure often occurs with little to no preparation. The balance we must seek to find success is conditioning and practicing our skills and then applying them in everyday life.

A marathon runner will be in pain if he has not put in at least 25-35 miles/week for months leading up to the marathon. A motivational speaker will stumble and not deliver a smooth speech if she has not practiced it at least 20 times before the actual event. A student will, 9 out of 10, times receive a poor grade if he chooses not to study or listen during class. An employer will receive little to no respect if she does not form relationships with her employees.

It is all a balance; a balance between practice and victory, a balance between motivation and achievement, a balance between conditioning and performance. One must take the time to embrace the preparation in order to reap the benefits of their labor. The key is to discover the conditioning needed to diligently work through it and ultimately find success. It will not be handed to you without the due labor.

Success is found in balance.

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