Summer Church Picnic, July 28, 2012 Saturday Tidbit

My boys and their Opa playing a wheel at the picnic

Pick a number 1-120 any number and win a prize. Whatever happened to 1-100 our chances just dropped dramatically? Lay down your dime and play your lucky number. Tic, tic, tic, tic the wheel spins round and round…#56…#56. You lost your dime…your $1…your $10…but that’s alright it went to a great cause; the church. Our church picnics are the best; fried foods, fun booths, music, beer, gambling, rides and a place to gather and see friends you have not seen in years. Win a ball, a cake, a doll, a game and if you are the luckiest winner you will hit the jackpot; the capital prize; it could be $10,000 or a new car.

Church picnics define summer in the Catholic Church. They are run by volunteers and attended by people of all religions. We save our church money and spend big at the church picnics.

It’s a fun way to donate to the church. Find picnics close by, far away, where you went to school or grew up. Go and enjoy the smells, sites, sounds and prizes of a summer church picnic.


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