Summer is Over, August 6, 2018 Daily Reflection

put put golf this summer

This summer was one of the most restful summers of my adult life. Working in the Educational system is awesome for hundreds of reasons but the best part is summer vacation. Every job should allow their employees an extended time away to rest and recharge their lives. I did just that. This was the first summer in 4 years that I wasn’t working on my Master’s Degree (I finished in December 2017). Instead, I read books for pleasure and started writing a book! I started every day with Spencer at Cross Country practice, he ran and I walked 4-7 miles each morning. I took my kids to Kentucky Kingdom, to the pool, and we watched a ton of Little House on the Prairie (I received the box set for my birthday).

It was a relaxing, low key summer and now it is over. Today, is my first day back to work at Sacred Heart Academy. It’s difficult to transition from relaxation to work. However, I am blessed because I LOVE my work! I am honored to create, facilitate, and lead the retreats of Sacred Heart. I also get to see the students in my group Hearts for the Holy Spirit. I am looking forward to this school year and all that it entails. I will miss my summer but I really lived it to the fullest.

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