Summer Time Learning, June 19, 2013 Daily Reflection

Anna and Spencer taking AR tests

All children think that the summer time is a break from school and learning. Summer time should be a break from the structure and intensity of school. However, there should never be a time when we stop learning. I have listened to experts over the years. They say that reading is the best way to keep our children’s minds engaged during the summer time. Fun reading is the best reading because it then becomes an enjoyable leisure time.

As my children have grown I have helped them with work books over the summer time. We have attended story times and completed craft projects. We always take field trips some guided tours others just open to individual exploration. But regardless of what we have been involved with my children have always enjoyed going to the library weekly and checking out at least 20 books each time. On Mondays they test their reading comprehension through the AR program, Accelerated Reading, at our school. My children are great readers and they enjoy reading. It keeps their brain engaged, their imaginations stimulated and their summer fun.

No matter what the age of your children they can enjoy the love of reading. Read to them when they are little. Take them to story time at your local library. Let your children catch you reading. Reading is a life time pleasure. Let it start with you and continue through their summer time.

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