Sunbeams, June 1 Daily Reflection


“The pink flamingos mommy, look how they are standing on one leg” Jake said as he peered across the fence at them. A perfect photo opportunity for a camera happy mom! When I took the picture I did not notice the sunbeam shinning down until I pulled it up on my computer screen. There is so much in this life that goes unnoticed.

Our world is in constant motion trying to complete tasks and move on to the next thing that must be done. In all the motion we rarely notice the sunbeams shinning into our lives. Our lives are on fast forward, autopilot and information overload. There is so much to process and not enough time or space to reflect on any of it or so we think.

In the Ten Commandments #3 is Keep Holy The Sabbath as a child I translated that to mean go to church on Sundays (which I do and enjoy the break from the speed of the world). As an adult after reading more about it I have found that commandment also means take that day to rest, don’t work, and don’t try to get things done just rest. As a child I had a best friend who lived down the street from me, I loved him like a brother. His family always had “family day” on Sundays, they went to church together and then relaxed together and no friends could come over to play. They understood Keep Holy the Sabbath. On “family day” they were able to relax and reflect on their week together as a family. That family was able to slow down one day a week to witness the sunbeams.

We walk right past the sunbeams in our lives and when God blinds us with them we put on sunglasses and plow right through without realizing that was God. So how do we stop and notice? Slow down, look around, and notice your surroundings. Instead of constantly thinking about what you need to do next when you are sitting in traffic at a light with your music playing, turn off the radio and really observe life around you. When you are walking look around you not just straight ahead. Look at people, smile, breathe in nature actually take a deep breath of it, look at the sky be present in your life, stop running passed it and live within it. Don’t quit your job and start hugging trees just walk a little slower, stop over thinking everything, relax and look for the sunbeams that are all about you today!

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