Support, March 10, 2017 Daily Reflection

My family on Clingman’s Dome

Recently, I was subjected to a very trying experience. Upon reflection I realized that the support I have in my life is all encompassing. Growing up in a loving family I have always taken for granted the support I have been given for the dreams I have had, the disappointments I have experienced, and the day to day living. My husband, children, parents, siblings, friends, and even coworkers have shown me compassion and love when I have needed it the most. In the middle of a difficult situation nothing seems good or beneficial. On the other side of pain if we are lucky enough there are people in our lives that support and hold us up. I am blessed beyond belief to be loved and supported by these people. I pray that I can do the same in their hour of need.
Thank you for your constant love and support it has and continues to form the person that I am today and am continuing to develop into in the future.

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