Surrounded, July 26 Daily Reflection

A gravel road

Driving down this beautifully groomed road surrounded by bushes and trees I felt protected and safe from the outside world as though I was in a tunnel of sorts. At the end of the road one can see the opening, that light becomes the focal point of the road. Slowly I traveled the road taking in the beauty of the well manicured nature.

There are so many of us raised with religion that can relate to this beautiful and well manicured road. We have been raised surrounded by the beauty of others that support us and a religion that directs us to that light at the end of the road, that focal point in our lives; God. We should never take for granted the peace we feel by all those who have supported us on our gravel roads in life that have lead us to this very day. However, with the wisdom of all the knowledge we have gained we should also be open to new ways of life and different ideas. If one looks more closely at the road down a bit and to the left is another opening where the light shines through, another turn we can take if we choose. It’s ok to study and learn about other religions, ways of life, and cultures it makes us well rounded. In recognizing other ways of life we can see that we, as a human race, are all connected in some way or another. God did not create the human race to be divided especially in His name. God wants us to feel that love for our neighbor because we are all neighbors. He did not want people to hate for any reason, religion or otherwise.

It is truly an honor to feel the pull of God as a focal point in one’s life but God wants us to not only know Him alone, but to know Him in others. If we go straight to the opening at the end of the road and never look for him to the left we have missed half of our mission. We must find God in all people, ideas and places in this life to aid our journey to the next life. Never stop traveling towards the opening just don’t forget to take in all the paths along the way, sprinkled with new ideas, diverse ways of life. be aware of people who are totally different yet are our brothers and sisters because we each hold a piece of God within our souls. Look at those people learn from them, grow more deeply and love them for each creation is of God not just those who surround you on your journey.

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