The Sweetest Gesture, January 27, 2017 Daily Reflection

Me and my Jake

Yesterday, I was inundated with work for school. I spent hours at work and then 4 more at home. As I was grading my youngest son made my dinner for me. I said to him, “What did I do to deserve such great treatment?” He looked at me wide – eyed and said, “Are you kidding me? Mom, you do everything for me and all of us! This is the least I can do for you!” Then he gave me a huge hug and said how much he loved me. It made my day! What a sweet gesture of kindness.
Jake is great at being the kid that appreciates others and says I love you with sincerity. Everyone needs a Jake in their life! I thank God that I was blessed with my Jake. He puts a smile on my face daily.

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