Symbols, May 20, 2015 Daily Reflection

Lori's Symbols

Lori’s Symbols

Symbols are nothing if there is no story, emotion, or history behind them. Symbols can be spellbinding if there is an attachment to them.

I am a mom first. Spencer gave me the little mom decoration. He bought it at a Santa’s secret shop. When I opened it he had that look of hopeful anticipation on his face. Of course I swooped him up into a big bear hug and told him I loved it. The little trinket says more than the name mom, it reminds me that I am Spencer’s mom. The statue with the book in her hands came from my husband. He bought it for me as a gift the day before I started teaching for the first time. I look at it and remember how much support and strength he brings to my teaching and my life. The rock says, “Destin,” it reminds me of our last trip to Florida as a family together. We have only been a few times. The last time was so relaxing, peaceful, and filled with great memories of doing nothing but being with my family. The pencil symbolizes my love of writing. A gift I believe that God has graced my life with to share with others. The flower was given to me by a student who knows how much I appreciate nature.

Many people would think those are just a few trinkets on her desk at work. To me they are symbols of my purpose and existence in this life. What symbols do you keep close to you at work that represent who you are as a person?

Within our Christian beliefs we hold the crucifix as a powerful symbol of the love of God, salvation of the world, and the redemption of our sins. However, back in the days of Jesus that symbol would represent what we consider now as capital punishment. It represented the ultimate act of violence and death. That is probably why Jesus Christ decided to use the cross and change its symbolism completely. Jesus Christ conquered it’s violence, death, hate, and punishment. Now, when people view this symbol they think of peace, self-sacrifice, eternal life, and unconditional love.

Symbols can represent a religion or a person. What symbols best represent you as a person? What symbols do you relate best to in your faith life?

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