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Anna and the Ethan I watch after school playing tag, the tree is base.

Anna and the Ethan I watch after school playing tag, the tree is base.

Tag – Your it!  Run, run, you can do it!  Tag the tree!  She is right behind you.  Ollie, Ollie, all are freeeee!!!  Whose turn is it to be it?  Well, it’s not going to be me.  Let’s do blue shoe. Raggedy shoes all in a circle “blue shoe, blue shoe how old are you 5. 1,2,3,4,5 you are out last foot left in is it.”  And so the game starts again.

If you went outside today and truly played the game tag with your children would you run your fastest, prove your youth and dominate the game?  Would you let your child win or would you just play with no intentions what so ever and just truly enjoy the game and time with your children?

There are so many rules the children have to make up to gain a sense of authority.  It is a constant power struggle in the game of tag just like life. We are tricking ourselves into believing we have complete control over anything. We keep changing the rules and reinterpering  the game to gain authority.  However, the possibility of being outrun, run over or tagged is very great in the game. 

So how do you live your life in the great game of tag?  Do you make up new rules so you will dominate?  Do you go by the rules already set and let them define you?  Or do you do the best you can in this life and accept that all true authority belongs to God and in doing so are you happy to play in His game?

When you play tag today at the office, or at home with your children think about the way you play in your life.  Is it to feel in complete control?  Is it to be better than others around you?  Or is it to be the best you possibly can for God?

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