Tai Chi, April 23, 2018 Daily Reflection


I learned the art of Tai Chi yesterday. It is amazing…

I center myself in my breathing. I listen and look.
I push away the negativity; from within the self hate, selfish ways, and pain.
I invite the goodness, beauty and grace to me from all of creation.
I center that within me, I breathe.

I extend my arms and open them and my body to creation in wonder and awe and look to the sun and the sky and bring it to me.
I center myself.

I scoop up from the earth the soil, life, and goodness and let it rain down upon me, enter into my being.
I center myself.

I feel for the energy in a ball and allow it to expand and bless my soul. I revel in the motion of my body and the gentle breeze and sensually feel the humanity God has bestowed in my physical being.
I center myself, accepting self love and recognition for God’s blessings and sense a purity of heart and an energy of life.

I say a prayer and am ready to embrace a new beginning, the new day that lay ahead of me and all of creation.

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