Take a deep breath, August 26, 2016 Daily Moment

2010-04-09 14.01.59Yesterday, I took my juniors through their first meditation experience in the Chapel. I write guided meditations for my Theology classes. The first meditation takes them to a relaxing forest, an open meadow, and a giant oak tree. Under the tree they encounter Jesus Christ. Further into our classwork I will take them into the scriptures so they can feel the splash of the water from the Baptism of Jesus, sit across from Jesus in the upper room at the last supper, and feel the heat of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Meditations are a different way to experience their faith. As a teacher I want to open the doors of creative prayers and new ideas. I want my students to explore unique ways to approach God in their own lives. I have had students who have graduated email me that they miss the meditations. Sometimes it is just learning to unplug, relax, and being still enough to feel the presence of God in their lives that moves them the most. Whether they hear the voice of God, take a prayer nap, or just completely relax, that time is priceless in their overstimulated life! Please keep my students in your prayers as they make strides towards God in their ongoing journey of faith.

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